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Table A - Schedule 2 - Accountability for cash and other assets held outside the Treasurer's account by disbursing, collecting and other fiscal officers.••••• •.••. 7kh,m8N03LR0/!pY2?oi()6Pfb8I? .. UpC4a$1R0_! jWEi#[email protected]%#:DhG-`[email protected]>O _i5E;i3:rYnVdX-gJ+i,l`:R(SK1%@ &&IKBb TPX/VV!Gh=%1_e7Jl2a0ZiNfHgntVg+Q. VB61!bak oSiU;@:TqV }f=_ {_R0 E4i2 lM2v WG;&m qF=g yr2E [2o) QR _/ W# dLMv p4Da Yvme m>~?U [email protected]# DPll Tr#K 4w7: 6|b2 P%ea, tPx; {t{E W 0M:{ s^X+ X3 f4*l R54(l [o4F \XK$ FscS E~{W/ |>U* PH.8 T([email protected] *cgg Z,> O. *?ud[?u${?t?tPx?t*o?s f?sZ+?r E?rr0}?q?uN?u?t9 *?s u?sA c?r"?u*|?t? [email protected]*?t j?r54?q?q.`?u Q?uV?u*{?t &?tN(?t -?. RY9J6?3>LY+1=RTC/]1:RO:4?#? O*'XC M+Q-+[QBU7U"!1&`W'.RO,4?OKQ^ ('R=P?EXITUL`*Q4YO"3YK_>OGBA?1. .. YI+;;4OPG`+GF#P#%TPX=!P&Z.

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